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We are a dedicated group of new media and marketing professionals whose work is focused exclusively on the hospitality industry. We capture the essence of your business, effectively illustrate it, build a restaurant websites in NJ, and market it online. The result, increased revenue for your business.

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Are you adequately managing your Social Media?

With the advent, growth and spread of social media, it is surely one of the fastest ways of getting your message across to potential new customers. Social Media is one of the single most important marketing facets when driving your business. Social Media is very time consuming to maintain. That is why at Maron Marketing Consultants, we will take the time to manage your Social Media accounts adequately and post the right comments at the right time for maintaining this important aspect of your business marketing. Our professional levels of expertise is sure to work for you. Let us manage your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, blogger and other social media outlets. Our expertise is certain to be effective